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Château-Thierry Château-Thierry
Sports and relaxation activities near the holiday cottage... Sports and relaxation activities near the gite, etc.

Petit Morin Valley

Near Château-Thierry and Provins 

Just 25 minutes from our gite, Château-Thierry has developed over the centuries to offer us a rich historical and cultural heritage. It was the birthplace of Jean de la Fontaine, who was born there in 1621 before becoming one of the most illustrious writers of fables.

45 minutes away, visit Provins, the only town which bears witness to the Champagne Fairs of the olden days! A UNESCO World Heritage site since 2001, it holds many treasures which are well worth visiting: the ramparts and fortified gates, the Tour César, the Grange aux Dîmes, the subterranean cellars, etc.

Also to be discovered just 45 minutes from our gite CHARME AU FIL DE L’EAU, Pierry Castle. Built in the 18th century, it houses a gallery depicting the dynasties of the kings of France and a museum-press where you can sample the estate's Champagnes and learn how to open a Champagne bottle.

A few kilometres from our gite, take advantage of some sports and outdoor activities:

  • Canoe-Kayak in Verdelot (8km)
  • Rail bike in Ferté-Gaucher (17km)
  • Parc des Félins in Nesles la Gilberde, Seine-et-Marne (48Km)

Champagne region

Brut or demi-sec, according to its cane sugar content, firstly Champagne is tasted with the eyes when you admire its generous colour, its highlights and its bewitching bubbles, then with your nose, when you take in its floral or vegetable aromas, and, finally, with a small sip in order to savour the fullness of its flavours.

With almost 30,000 hectares, the Champagne vineyard is the largest certified region. 300 million bottles of Champagne are produced every year and sold around the world.

Many museums can be visited in the region. They recount all the steps in the Champagne production process, from the selection of grape varieties to its bottling, including recommendations for its conservation. Children will be delighted to admire the impressive Jéroboam or Mathusalem bottles, while parents will be able to enjoy a glass, in moderation, of course.

Also, discover the village of Hautvillers. Not far from Vendières and our gite CHARME AU FIL DE L’EAU, it owes its reputation to the monk Dom Pérignon. Its streets have wrought-iron signs which indicate the professions of the inhabitants and often show activities related to grapevines.

Visit the Champagne wineries, savour the delicate bubbles created by enthusiastic artisans and follow the tourist route on the trail of the treasures of Champagne.

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Epernay - Reims - Châlons-en-Champagne

Le moulin 1922 Le moulin 1922
Le moulin aujourd'hui Le moulin aujourd'hui

Near the Golden Triangle

Located in the heart of the huge Champagne vineyard and considered to be the capital of Champagne, Épernay pays tribute to this prestigious drink throughout its town centre. Stroll along Avenue de Champagne and discover the large Classical or Renaissance style townhouses which, today, are home to prestigious establishments, such as Moët et Chandon, Mercier, and more. But Épernay also has more secretive treasures. Explore its subterranean cellars devoted to the conservation of Champagne.

An hour from our gite CHARME AU FIL DE L’EAU, visit Reims, a town of Art and History. With its 250 kilometres of cellars, most of which date from the Gallo-Roman period, the town is also home to many major establishments, such as Veuve Clicquot, Pommery, Taittinger, and more. Also, take advantage of being there to admire the Porte Mars and visit the three exceptional UNESCO World Heritage sites: Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Palace of Tau, and Saint-Rémi Basilica.

An hour from our gite, set out to visit "Petite Venise". In 1825, Joseph Perrier set up home in Châlons-en-Champagne and created his famous establishment "Joseph Perrier Fils et Cie", the cellars of which can still be visited. Also, be sure to stop off at Saint-Étienne Cathedral, Notre-Dame-en-Vaux Collegiate, Porte Sainte-Croix, Notre-Dame de l'Épine Basilica, the Covered Market, etc.